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As of January 26th, the Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) is retiring the name "Minnesota Reflections" to describe the digital collection. All things MDL, including the collection, will be available through

Color map of Minnesota with words Minnesota Digital Library

In this new year, we have exciting changes to announce for the Minnesota Digital Library (MDL). Beginning on January 26th, we will be using only the name "Minnesota Digital Library" for all of our projects, including the digital collection. "Minnesota Reflections" will be retired, to eliminate the confusion that has frequently occurred around the two names. This change will make it easier to communicate about who we are and what we do, and easier for our users as well.

As we make the switch, we are folding the website into the broader site. The entire digital collection will be there, along with information about us and our various projects. It will be a one-stop shop for anyone looking to engage with MDL, at any level. In addition to incorporating the full collection, we have added some new features to the site, such as advanced search and enhanced Primary Source Sets. We encourage you to check out all the improvements to our updated website at!

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Molly Huber
Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Digital Library
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