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A new shared collection of ebooks and audiobooks for schools is coming this fall.

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Schools throughout Minnesota have enjoyed unlimited access to the Ebooks Minnesota collection. As a complement to Ebooks Minnesota, Minitex is pleased to introduce a shared digital collection purchasing opportunity aimed at enriching choice reading experiences in Minnesota schools. This initiative offers schools a curated selection of ebooks and audiobooks, inviting students to embark on high-interest reading adventures of their choosing while leveraging the power of cooperative purchasing to keep costs to schools to a minimum.

The ebooks and audiobooks in the collection will be offered on the MackinVIA platform and will merge seamlessly with your Ebooks Minnesota titles and other Mackin purchases. Some highlights of this opportunity include:

  • The ability to combine budgets so schools can afford a larger collection of ebooks and audiobooks for students and staff. 
  • Attainable pricing for schools who cannot afford, or who have not yet explored ebooks in their libraries. 
  • A committee of Minnesota school librarians chooses the titles, format, and purchasing/subscription model.
  • Schools always keep access to perpetual titles purchased in the years in which they join the consortium. Even if you cannot join every year, you’ll keep access to any subscription title for the length of the subscription.

Media specialists and librarians can trust that the resources provided are not only enjoyable, but also conducive to fostering a love for independent reading among students. The more schools and districts that buy in, the more titles for students and staff.  For more details on program logistics and pricing, please visit the Minitex Shared Digital Collection for Schools.

Interested in learning more? Please share your contact information on this initial interest form, and we will keep in touch regarding information sessions and details.

Written by

Beth Staats
Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator
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