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Gale has recently made changes to the file structure of the Gale in Context Middle and High School database links. It's time to update your old Gale links for the new ones. The old links will still work, however, it will take longer for the database to load when you click on the link.


Gale has recently made changes to their file structure for our Gale in Context: Middle and High School links which has resulted in new url’s for Minnesota schools and libraries. If you are currently using links that begin with ‘’ you will want to replace them with the new links that begin with ‘’. The older infotrac links will still work, however, it will take longer for the url to resolve to the correct location which will result in a longer load time for the database. We recommend updating the links as soon as you can. 

If you use direct links you can review the information on the Minitex Set Up ELM Access page to copy/paste the new url structure and find your Gale location ID.  If you use the ELM proxy links you will want to revisit the  portal to grab your new links. 

For more information about ELM links please visit the How to Create Links guide on the eLibraryMN portal. 

Written by

Carla Pfahl
Outreach & Instruction Librarian, AskMN Coordinator
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