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You can search for publications using the Find a Publication search bar on the eLibrary Minnesota (ELM) portal home page.


You can search for publications using the Find a Publication search bar on the eLibrary Minnesota (ELM) portal home page. Simply enter the publication title, click on Full Text Access, then choose one of the listed databases. From there, you can browse past issues, search for topics within the publication, or set up an email alert.

Check out some of these popular kids' magazines that are available within ELM!

Magazines for little kids:

  • Click (ages 3-6) - Children's magazine of science and exploration; it helps little ones understand the world around them. 
  • Highlights Hello (ages 0-2) - Magazine for babies and toddlers delivers colorful images, age-appropriate stories, and fun activities parent and child can enjoy together. 
  • Highlights High Five & High Five Bilingüe (ages 2-6) - High Five has stories, puzzles, and activities that are expertly designed to nurture your preschooler or kindergartner’s development. 
  • Ladybug (ages 2-6) - Stories, poems, songs, games, and adventures for children; a separate activity insert of things to do and a parent's guide.
  • National Geographic Little Kids (ages 3-6) - Articles, interactive experiments, and puzzles and games on animals, nature, science, and different cultures around the world. 
  • Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 3-7) - Filled with fun activities, simple stories, and wild animals that the little ones love. Ranger Rick Jr. draws preschoolers closer to nature and gets them ready to read.

Magazines for older kids:

  • Ask (ages 6-9) - Helps kids understand how the world works and how discoveries are made.
  • Cricket (ages 6-14) - Highly respected award winning literary magazine for children who love to read.
  • Highlights for Children (ages 6-12) - Children's magazine dedicated to developing children's reading skills, knowledge, and creativity. Contains games, puzzles, tear-outs, clubs, educational projects for children.
  • Jack & Jill (ages 7-10) - Emphasizes good health, nutrition, and safety, plus stories, science articles, crafts, games, poetry, humor, and more to stimulate young minds and imaginations.
  • Muse (ages 10-14) - Focusing on STEAM, explores science, history, and the arts.
  • National Geographic Kids & Kids en Espanol (ages 8-14) - Presents articles of interest to children, dealing with crafts, nature, world cultures, science, and general interest. Includes pull-out supersize pages and contests. 
  • New Moon Girls (ages 9-16) - For girls, by girls. 
  • Ranger Rick (ages 7+) - Kids' publication with colorful photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories about wildlife and nature. 
  • Spider (ages 6-9) - Short stories, poems, activities, and games for children. 
  • Sports Illustrated Kids (ages 8-13) - A magazine for children devoted to sports. Feature articles on sports figures of note, tips from the pros, news items of recent note, games, puzzles, cartoons, fiction, and advice from athletes. 
  • Stone Soup (ages 8-13) - Written and illustrated by kids with more than four decades of English-language stories, poetry, reviews, and art by young creators. 
  • Time for Kids (grades 3-4, 5-6) - A weekly magazine for elementary school students. 


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