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Changes to EBSCO's limiter labels configuration are coming in May.

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In anticipation of more database-specific limiters being introduced, we are consolidating the limiter configuration controls for new EBSCOhost/EBSCO Discovery Service/Explora interfaces. Currently, some limiter labels are adjusted in EBSCO Configuration Manager, while others are managed in EBSCOadmin. Starting in mid-June all limiter labels, including those currently managed in EBSCO Configuration Manager, will only be managed via EBSCOadmin.

From late May until the release, you will be unable to modify the limiter labels as we work to migrate the functionality. Beginning on or around June 17th, the functionality will be restored and all limiter labels will be customizable via EBSCOadmin.

In addition, all custom labels you may have created in EBSCO Configuration Manager or EBSCOadmin will not be impacted, however, as part of this transition, there will be slight changes to the default labels for certain limiters. For example, Online Full Text is changing to Full Text and Date is changing to Publication Date.

For more information on how to customize label limiters, please reference the FAQ.  If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support

Written by

Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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