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Infobase offers a variety of streaming video and multimedia for the school setting, including Learn360, Streamable Learning, Classroom Video on Demand, and more. These electronic resources, and more, are available through Minitex at discounted prices.

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Infobase is a leading educational technology solutions provider with a stable of 30+ award-winning resources, offering the best in curriculum support with curated, credible content in streaming video and multimedia database collections for grades Pre-K-12, as well as courseware for professional development and language instruction. Contact us for a free trial and detailed information.

PreK-12: Learn360, the premier K-12 streaming media service offering the best in video instruction, featuring more than 191,000 curated, credible resources -- safe, ad-free videos and clips, interactives, audio titles, print materials, and more -- across all subjects, blending content from 500+ of the best producers in education and organized for educator use.

PreK-12: Streamable Learning, the new livestream resource that brings 700+ subject matter experts from around the U.S. and world to the classroom via field trips in a teacher-led, webinar-style format. Can be integrated with Learn360 for easy-to-add livestreaming events in multimedia teaching. More than half the events are STEM-related, and 500 are ready to search and schedule by mid-August each

PreK-6: The Mailbox Plus - our printable resources add-on, perfect for moving from video instruction to print classroom materials with 52,000 teacher-vetted lessons. From the leading brand in classroom activities for 40+ years.

Middle/High School: The award-winning Classroom Video on Demand Master Curriculum Collection and its companion Classroom Video on Demand Career & Technical Education Collection feature thousands of videos plus teacher tools for embedding quizzes in playlists, using them in a digital classroom, and more. Feature Films for Education includes the best Hollywood has to offer for classroom support -- 650+ movies for classroom use, and the World Cinema collection includes treasures.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

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Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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