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Kanopy's KBASE subscription prices will be going up July 1, and about 900 titles have been added. A KBASE subscription is an excellent way to spend end-of-fiscal-year funds.

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With the end of the fiscal year rapidly approaching, and prices set to increase July 1, this is the time to subscribe to KBASE, Kanopy's newest subscription model, which is available for one fixed and predictable price. Kanopy has also added close to 900 titles to its already vast catalog of premium videos. 

The Kanopy BASE subscription model is built on Kanopy's award-winning platform and from their vast catalog, grounding it in core curricular titles, while keeping the collection fresh with relevant, recent, and in-demand videos. It is available on and off campus, and is carefully curated to help professors, faculty, and staff enhance student outcomes. Highlights include:

  • Almost 900 titles added in April
  • Over 50% exclusive to Kanopy 
  • Comprehensive subject coverage, reflecting the makeup of the complete Kanopy collection

Contact Hayley Bloch for more information.

Written by

Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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