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South Dakota State University (SDSU) is hiring two positions at the Assistant Librarian faculty rank with a negotiable contract year of 10, 11, or 12 months. The minimum salary for this position (associated with the 10-month contract year) is $61,000. The positions are full time and based in Brookings, South Dakota.


Text courtesy of Kristin Echtenkamp, Reference & Instruction Assistant Librarian, South Dakota State University.

South Dakota State University’s Hilton M. Briggs Library is excited to welcome applications for two (2) positions at the Assistant Librarian faculty rank. 

Join a dynamic and forward-thinking Public Services team committed to empowering every member of the SDSU community, and contribute to the academic success of our students and faculty. Both positions report to the Head of Public Services, are located onsite in Brookings, South Dakota, and are full-time and benefits-eligible, with a negotiated contract year of 10, 11, or 12 months. The minimum salary for a 10-month contract is $61,000. The 11- and 12-month contracts are also negotiable. We offer a generous retirement plan that includes 6% matching, 10 hours of annual leave per month, 9.34 hours of sick leave per month, and 11 paid holidays. Relocation benefits are available per SDSU guidelines.

For a complete list of responsibilities, a summary of the minimum and preferred qualifications, the application deadline, contact information, questions on the position, and to apply, visit the South Dakota Board of Regents employment site, search for the position, and follow the electronic application process. Please contact SDSU Human Resources at (605) 688-4128 if you require assistance with this process. 

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Zach Miller
Head of Communications