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Quick Summary

Did the raw emotions and relatability of Young Adult Fiction capture the hearts of voters, or will Historical Fiction's timeless lessons and epic tales prevail?

Graphic of Minitex Madness with the text "And the winner is" and a question mark covering the winner.

After weeks of literary clashing, we can finally announce a winner. I have to admit, this did not play out the way I thought it would. My pick to win it all, graphic novels, got knocked out in the first round. Then, two underdogs, Young Adult Fiction and Historical Fiction, clawed their way to the final.

But before I announce the winner , I would like to thank everyone for participating! This would not have been possible without your participation. While there can be only one winner, it is important that we celebrate the diversity all genres provide and continue promoting accessibility to books of all shapes and sizes.

Without further ado, the winner of the inaugural Minitex Madness is… HISTORICAL FICTION! Young Adult Fiction had dominant performances all the way up to the final, but angst and emotional prowess were not enough to overpower Historical Fiction, which taught us, round after round, that history does indeed repeat itself, in victory. Having started off as the #7 seed , Historical Fiction’s road to the championship  is a true underdog story.

Maybe this loss was the experience Young Adult fiction needed. With a little maturity, will Young Adult come back next year, ready to break from the past and write its own future…?

Written by

Jesus Maldonado Sanchez
Marketing & Communications Generalist