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I spent a delightful afternoon celebrating with library colleagues in Chaska, and took some photos to document the event.

Jodi Edstrom and Chaska Library Branch Manager Kevin Spencer.

Chaska Library hosted its 101st birthday party Wednesday, February 7. It was a great opportunity to see yet another example of a Minnesota community supporting its library.

The checkout card for "Camps and Trails"
"Camp and Trail" was the first book checked out from Chaska Library, 101 years ago.
Four Carver County Library Directors: Nick Damassis, Melissa Brechon, Heidi Hoks, and Jodi Edstrom.
Four Carver County Library Directors, past and present: Nick Dimassis, Melissa Brechon, Heidi Hoks, and Jodi Edstrom.
Kinder the READ Dog from North Star Therapy Animals
Kinder the READ Dog, from North Star Therapy Animals, made an appearance.

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Maggie Snow