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1. Library applies to Minitex for membership in MNLINK by sending a letter to the Minitex Director and Associate Director for Resource Sharing indicating their interest and outlining how they meet the MNLINK server site requirements.

2. Minitex reviews to determine whether the library meets the MNLINK server site requirements.

3. Minitex brings the application to the MNLINK Operations Committee to vote to approve or not approve the library's joining MNLINK. MNLINK Operations Committee reserves the right to limit acceptance in any given year.

Significant factors to determine eligibility include:

  • Collection size and portion of the collection that is available for interlibrary loan
  • Uniqueness of the collection
  • Staffing levels
  • Records are already in OCLC
  • Balance between Twin Cities and greater Minnesota
  • Longevity of organization
  • Population served

4. Library may be asked to pay a fee to cover the cost of MNLINK servicing their participation. Library will not receive funding from MNLINK.

5. Interested libraries should provide information demonstrating how their participation would help MNLINK provide access to the widest range of resources including unique collections.

6. It should be noted that there may be both technological and financial limits to the number of new sites manageable as MNLINK Server Sites. MNLINK reserves the right to limit this number as needed to ensure effective access for users.

Approved by the MNLINK Operations Committee, November 2, 2017.