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Minitex News articles tagged with "Delivery" (5):

Minitex Courier Delivery delayed to January 16

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus was closed January 11, leading to a delay in Minitex Courier Delivery. The next delivery will now take place January 16.

Questions about resource sharing and delivery?

Have you run out of delivery supplies? Looking for missing tubs? Wondering how long in transit is just too long? Have a tricky resource sharing question? Here's where to find the answers!

Minitex to stop quarantining outgoing materials

Beginning Monday, November 30, items leaving the Minitex office will no longer be held for three days before delivery. We will continue to mark all tubs with the date that they were packed, allowing individual libraries to make their own decisions about how long to quarantine these materials before handling.

Resource Sharing service update!

Several Minitex libraries, including the University of Minnesota Twin Cities will resume processing requests for loans during the week of August 10, 2020.

Statewide Delivery and Resource Sharing Meeting Aug 5

The Minitex Delivery and Resource Sharing Units will be hosting a statewide conversation on the state of Minitex Delivery and Resource Sharing on Wednesday, Aug 5 at 11 AM. Minitex staff will discuss the process of restarting the statewide delivery service and some of the challenges we’ve faced in the process. We will also share an update on the status of MNLINK and referrals, as well as an approximate timeline for filling requests from the University of Minnesota collections. The rest of the meeting will be Q&A.