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The policy was written by the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Committee and reviewed by the Minitex Policy Advisory Council. Ebooks Minnesota is managed by Minitex and supported by the Minnesota Department of Education’s State Library Services.

Mission and Focus

Ebooks Minnesota is intended to provide the residents of Minnesota with access to a wide range of recreational, informational, and educational ebooks suitable to all ages and interests of potential readers. We created our brand, "Read Local," by acquiring titles from Minnesota's vibrant independent publishers. Ebooks Minnesota also includes titles:

  • About Minnesota and created by Minnesota authors
  • Reflecting diverse cultures and languages
  • Supporting Minnesota students
  • That promote early literacy and are accessible to early readers
  • To encourage leisure reading, enable research, and provide academic content
  • Of high value and topical interest to Minnesota readers, published here or elsewhere

Our service goal is to provide a wide range of high-quality content that is relevant, accurate, and timely. Ebooks Minnesota supports the library community by providing ebooks appropriate to public, academic, school, and special libraries in Minnesota.


The "Ebooks Minnesota Collection Policy" exists to:

  • Provide selection and acquisition guidelines for collection development
  • Define the structure in which collection development actions are articulated, executed, measured, and modified
  • Provide planning guidance informing the work of the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Task Force
  • Capture the mission, focus, scope, nature of the collection, and selection criteria.
  • Communicate the policies to the public
  • Articulate our commitment to intellectual freedom


Ebooks Minnesota is an online ebook collection to support the educational, scholarly, informational, and recreational needs of Minnesotans of all ages. Guiding factors for the development of the collection include materials that are:

  • Published by Minnesota-based publishers or publishing organizations
  • About Minnesota
  • Created by Minnesota authors and artists and published by an organization
  • Supporting Minnesotans' reading interests

Selection Criteria

Materials are selected by Minitex in consultation with the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Committee using the following criteria. Selections are not required to meet all criteria listed below.

  • Support of Ebooks Minnesota's mission and focus
  • Relevance to community's educational, informational and recreational needs
  • Fill identified, expressed, or anticipated needs in the community
  • Reputation and qualifications of publisher
  • Contribution to diversity or breadth of the collection
  • Relationship to existing collection
  • Artistic merit or excellence
  • Cost or budget
  • Availability for acquisition under Ebooks Minnesota's access model
  • Publications by Minnesota state agencies

Deselection Criteria

Ebooks Minnesota's collection will be reviewed periodically by the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Committee to determine if materials need to be removed from the collection on the basis of their being outdated, superseded, incorrect or obsolete.

Intellectual Freedom Statement

Ebooks Minnesota adheres to ALA's Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement and considers all materials in the collection protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Ebooks Minnesota also recognizes the right of anyone to request that a title be reconsidered. If a petitioner wishes to recommend a title for reconsideration, please submit a completed Request for Reconsideration Form. Upon receipt of the request, the title in question will be reviewed by the Ebooks Minnesota Collections Committee to determine if the title aligns with collection guidelines. Once a decision has been made, the petitioner will receive a written response indicating the decision and reasoning. Titles will remain in the collection during this process.

The Ebooks Minnesota Collections Committee is comprised of librarians and educators representing public, school, and academic libraries, as well as library-related government entities and publicly supported library networks.


In 2014, Minnesota library leaders from all types of libraries and library-related organizations undertook a statewide effort to explore the integration of ebooks into libraries, increase understanding of how ebooks and digital content impact libraries, and engage in conversations around the future of ebooks in the state.

The resulting Explore eBooks MN initiative consisted of five webinars presented by local and national ebook experts on topics ranging from ebook basics to e-content creation. Explore eBooks MN then culminated in an August 2014 summit where more than 100 staff from Minnesota's school, academic, public, and special libraries joined together to share ideas and discuss options. From these efforts, information was gathered and a statewide ebook collection was identified as a priority of Minnesota's ebook future.

Minitex and the State Library Services division of the Minnesota Department of Education joined forces to identify an ebook collection that would be of use and interest to all residents and unique to Minnesota. State Library Services set aside a portion of its Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds to support the preliminary ebook collection for children and teens for the first two years of the project. Minitex uses its funding to provide the software platform for delivering ebooks statewide.

The Ebooks Minnesota focus on independent publishers means that the titles acquired are primarily purchased in sets from the publishers, rather than as individual titles. Minitex is also working with the University of Minnesota Libraries to preserve these titles in perpetuity as a snapshot of Minnesota's history with independent publishing.

Policy Review Timeframe

This policy will be reviewed by the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Committee at the beginning of each calendar year. Upon consensus of the Committee, the policy will be revised as needed by the Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Committee and reviewed by the Minitex Policy Advisory Committee.

Staff contact
Beth Staats

Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator