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Minitex News articles tagged with "Shared Print" (4):

Minnesota libraries cooperate to preserve 500,000 books for future generations

The Minnesota Shared Print Program is the effort of 24 academic libraries from across Minnesota. Each participating library has agreed to retain books in their collection deemed an important part of the scholarly record that are in demand but scarcely available within Minnesota or elsewhere in the United States. The program was administered and paid for by Minitex, a division of the University of Minnesota Libraries directly funded by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

WEST: Medaling in Journals

The Western Regional Storage Trust is a shared print repository for journals serving member libraries west of the Mississippi River. 

ALA Annual 2016: Discussions on Shared Print Collections

Whether it’s shelf space for collections, reader space, or space for new programs, space always seems to be in short supply.

ALA Annual 2015: Print Archive Network Forum

On Friday, June 26, at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, the CRL PAN (Center for Research Libraries’ Print Archive Network Forum) held their meeting, to promote cooperative, strategic preservation and management of print.