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Minitex News articles tagged with "Mackin" (3):

MNLINK sharing Ebooks Minnesota again

The Ebooks Minnesota content has been added to the OCLC collection manager this week, and made available as a collection for users of MNLINK.

Minitex selects MackinVIA as new online platform for Ebooks Minnesota

Minitex has selected MackinVIA as the new online platform for Ebooks Minnesota. This choice comes in the wake of many months of careful planning and investigation. We are grateful to the many community members who provided their input to this process, and for the partnership and forward thinking of Bibliolabs, Ebooks Minnesota’s foundational platform vendor. We will continue to share information as we work towards full implementation of the new platform by July 1.

SELCO & Mackin to Offer New School Ebook Service

SELCO is partnering with Mackin to offer a new school ebook service.