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Minitex News articles tagged with "Alice Wilcox" (2):

The word "MINITEX" cut from photographs of library work and workers, set over a black background.

Minitex staff recreate 1978 presentation for online viewing

Nov 19, 2021

To help Minitex celebrate its 50th anniversary, retired staff member Carol Nelson led an effort to reproduce a presentation originally created in 1978 to showcase Minitex services for libraries in the region. Thanks to Carol's efforts (and the efforts of several other active and retired staff members), the presentation is now available online.
The Minitex "Celebrating 50 Years" logo above the names of the fifteen libraries that participated in the pilot phase.

The MINITEX pilot project: Alice Wilcox and 15 libraries

Feb 19, 2021

On July 24, 1970, Alice Wilcox issued the MINITEX Pilot Project Report. In the report's recommendations, she wrote, "it is in the public interest to provide access to the major bibliographic collections for all citizens with information needs." Without the 15 libraries that participated, the pilot project could never have succeeded.