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942 Bookcheck.

Bibliotheca Bookcheck (Back ordered till June 2022)

1 each
Price: $4,099.00
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Product Description

The bibliotheca Bookcheck Unit Model 942 on counter, saves time and space, while helping to ensure reliable processing. In addition to verifying the presence of an active bibliotheca Tattle-Tape™ Security Strip, the unit can be easily installed into or mounted on a counter, allowing staff to efficiently process items while virtually eliminating false alarms.

The Bookcheck Model 942 desensitises and resensitises security strips on print materials, CDs and DVDs. It also features an easy-to-use interface, ergonomic design, intuitive feedback indicators and injection-moulded plastic for durability. With a sleek design that complements virtually any library decor, the Bookcheck Model 942 is designed to work with existing integrated library systems and is USB-enabled to accommodate upgrades.



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