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Minitex works with libraries of all types in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota on selecting, negotiating, and managing statewide database collections within the three states. In Minnesota, that collection is called eLibrary Minnesota or ELM.

From 2019-2020, Minitex reviewed the statewide database collections and worked with the library community to select resources made available statewide starting on July 1, 2020.

While this work is now completed, the information below documents our shared process.

Statewide Database Purpose Statement

Minitex is committed to helping its libraries create a digital information environment that offers the citizens of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota access to resources that enhance education, research, economic development, and overall quality of life. Minitex's statewide database program serves the full spectrum of library users – from students in K-12 schools, to learners in post-secondary institutions, to lifelong learners in public and special libraries. The collection supports the diverse educational services offered by all types of libraries, and supports our diverse communities. A statewide collection ensures equity of access to information in communities no matter geography or economic status.

Current Statewide Databases

Minitex currently licenses statewide databases from five companies. Minnesota licenses all five collections, while North Dakota and South Dakota license select collections.

Shared E-Resources (SER) Task Force

Minitex is advised in the selection of statewide e-resources by the Shared E-Resources (SER) Task Force. The SER Task Force (formerly called the Minitex Electronic Information Resources Task Force) represents libraries of all types from across the region. The Task force will assist in assessment of the current collection, in drafting requirements, and in evaluating e-resources to meet those requirements.

Request for Proposal Process

Minitex and the SER Task Force will use a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to solicit proposals for statewide e-resources. The RFP will document the requirements that must be met by a statewide collection. The SER Task Force will evaluate responses to the RFP.

Project Timeline

  • September and October 2019: Current collection assessment
  • October and November 2019: RFP drafted
  • January 2020: RFP released
  • February 2020: RFP responses due
  • March 2020: Statewide trial access, library community feedback
  • March 2020: Finalists selected
  • April 2020: Finalist presentations for SER Task Force
  • April 2020: Final decision
  • April and May 2020: License negotiation
  • July 2020: New contracts in place

Library Community Feedback

Our statewide database collection is a shared resource and the library community will have opportunity for input, including:

  • Survey assessing the current collection and identifying needs
  • Feedback sessions at MLA, ITEM, and Electronic Resources Minnesota conferences
  • Trial access to resources proposed
  • Evaluation of resources proposed
  • Stay up to date on the process by subscribing to Reference Outreach & Instruction emails from Minitex News


Bid contact information for vendors:

Elaine Kelash
University of Minnesota Purchasing Office
1300 S. 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Questions from library staff:

Matt Lee
Associate Director

Staff contact
Matt Lee

Associate Director