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McGraw-Hill's AccessEngineering is an award-winning engineering reference and teaching platform that delivers world-renowned, interdisciplinary engineering content integrated with analytical teaching and learning tools. AccessEngineering features integrated access to thousands of pages of content from such renowned resources as Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers and Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook


McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine is an innovative online service that provides complete authoritative internationally recognized references—the clinical library includes such works as Harrison's Online and CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, and from the educational library the Lange collection. ACM is the clinical and educational knowledge solution for researchers, physicians, medical students and all health professionals who need immediate access to trusted and current medical information.

AccessMedicine contains more than 65 digital medical titles, daily updates and peer-reviewed content, thousands of illustrations and a self-assessment tool to prepare for USMLE that includes a customized reading list to study from. The drug database is updated monthly. 

McGraw-Hill also offers specific medical speciality databases, such as Emerengy Medicine, Pharmacy, and Sports Medicine.


AccessScience is based upon the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology and its corresponding annual yearbooks, and the Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. It  is a dynamic online resource that contains incisively written reference material covering all major scientific disciplines and includes primary research material, biographies, videos and animations, and specially designed curriculum maps for teachers. Hundred of briefings about relevant concepts in science and technology provide great starting places for research topic ideas.


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