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Product Highlights

These subscriptions are brought to you by Minitex via a Lyrasis national consortia deal.


For a trial, please contact Minitex.

Minitex Pricing

Contact Minitex.

License Agreements (Terms & Conditions)

Libraries that have already submitted the Subscriber Terms and Conditions do not have to complete a new license agreement at renewal. Contact the vendor for the license.

How to Order or Renew

Please note the following:

  • All new subscribers must also provide confirmation of their tax status. For tax-exempt organizations, please provide a copy of your tax exemption certificate with your order materials. Organizations that are not exempt may simply provide confirmation of this status in writing.
  • Law Schools cannot subscribe in conjunction with a main campus library. Law School subscriptions must be submitted separately. Law School pricing is not FTE based.
  • Libraries that have already submitted the Subscriber Terms and Conditions do not have to complete a new license agreement at renewal. 
  • Mid-year subscribers must have their orders in to Minitex by the 14th of any month in order to start the 1st of the following month. Your renewal date will be July 1, no matter when you began your subscription.
  • The LexisNexis policy does not allow mid-subscription cancellations. You can cancel a subscription by not renewing your order.


Renewal pricing can be found in your Minitex MyLibrary account. Annual subscriptions for all products begin on July 1.

New Orders

For new orders, please contact Minitex.

Technical Support

Call customer support at 800-897-3419. If you do not know your account number, contact Jude Hayes at LexisNexis for that information.


You will need both a Nexis Uni user ID and password to access Usage Reports for Nexis Uni via the reporting tool PowerInvoice; see the following LexisNexis instructions.  Libraries have to contact LexisNexis directly to get their usage passwords, since they are assigned annually. LexisNexis can provide account numbers.

Contact Information

Minitex Contact

Cooperative Purchasing & Electronic Resources Services (CPERS)
Wilson Library, Room 60
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Toll Free: 800-462-5348
Phone: 612-624-4002
Fax: 612-625-3569

Jude T. Hayes, Consortia Sales Manager
Phone: 212-309-7813

Stephanie Moreland, Coordinator, Content & Scholarly Communications Initiatives
Phone: 800-999-8558 ext 3886