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eHRAF World Cultures

A web-based, multicultural database for scholars, researchers and students with an interest in cultural diversity. eHRAF is unique in that the information is organized into cultures and ethnic groups, and the text is numerically subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

Each culture file contains a variety of source documents (books, articles and dissertations) that have been indexed and organized according to HRAF's comprehensive culture and subject classification systems: the Outline of World Cultures (OWC), and the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM). These comprehensive culture and subject retrieval systems extend search capability beyond keyword searching.

eHRAF contains nearly 400,000 pages of information on all aspects of cultural and social life with diverse topics ranging from religious beliefs to causes and cures of diseases. eHRAF serves as excellent research and teaching tool for cross-cultural studies. As multicultural database, eHRAF appeals to many academic disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, medicine and any other discipline with an interest in cultural diversity.

eHRAF Archaeology

Modeled after eHRAF World Cultures, this annually growing database is ideal for the comparative study of prehistoric traditions within and across regions. Each tradition file consists of a general summary and of full-text sources.

The unique index and search systems provide a fast and convenient way to search for cultural and archeological information across traditions... in seconds. Together, eHRAF World Cultures and Archaeology are powerful teaching and research tools for cross-cultural studies of contemporary and prehistoric cultures.


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