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CountryWatch is an online aggregator and original author of geopolitical, economic, historical, environmental, cultural, and corporate information, news, and data on 194 recognized countries throughout the world. CountryWatch offers a variety of subscription options providing all or some of the following services: Country Reviews, Country Wire, CountryWatch Data, CountryWatch Map Gallery, and Intelligence Wire.

Premium Access Subscription

The Premium Access Subscription includes:

  • CountryReviews: provides comprehensive demographic, political, economic, social, corporate, cultural, and environmental information and data on each of the 194 recognized countries in a concise and consistent online format.
  • CountryWire: provides real-time news for each of the 194 recognized countries; it features articles from regional news wire services including but not limited to United Press International and indigenous news agencies such as the Caribbean News Agency, and accumulates these articles in a one-year, keyword searchable archive.
  • CountryWatch Map Gallery: includes two different types of maps—thematic maps created from some of the data in CountryWatchData using GIS mapping software on themes such as population density and GDP per capita and political maps which depict topographical and physical features as well as political boundaries. 
  • CountryWatch Data: a storehouse of over ten years worth of raw data covering macroeconomic, economic, health, demographic, cultural, sociological, and environmental statistics. The results of data searches are downloadable in Excel and GIS mapping software and allow for cross-country comparisons.
  • Intelligence Wire: briefing and analysis of topic issues affecting various countries of the world. Written by CountryWatch, articles contained in the Political Intelligence Wire change weekly and reflect material events occurring across the globe.

Youth Edition Subscription

CountryWatch Youth Edition: a concise version of CountryWatch tailored to younger students exploring the countries of the world. The Youth Edition incorporates resources appealing to the younger audiences such as cultural information, recipes, quizzes, and interesting facts for each of the 194 world countries covered.


You can request trials of the Premium and Elite levels of CountryWatch here.

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Usage statistics are available to current customers via Netracker Software; however, a statistics profile will have to be built for your account. Please contact call 1-800-879-3885 (US and Canada) or 1-713-355-6500 or send an email via the Contact Us page, select "Saltes and Customer Support". Be sure to include your Access Code. This process usually takes three to five business days to complete.

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