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Britannica Academic

The award-winning Britannica Academic delivers fast and easy access to high-quality, comprehensive information. Includes Encyclopædia Britannica, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, an interactive world atlas, timelines, World Data Analyst Online, ebooks, primary sources, and BBC and New York Times news feeds as well as Web 2.0 features.

Britannica School

Britannica School contains over 130,000 articles from four encyclopedias geared for students and teachers in grades K-12: Encyclopædia Britannica, Compton's by Britannica, Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia and Britannica Concise Encyclopædia. Britannica School also contains full-text periodicals, Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary and Thesaurus, a video and media library, interactive games, and standards-correlated lessons across a variety of subject areas.

Choose from three levels of learning: Elementary, Middle, and High School. Educators will enjoy quick, easy access to state standards and benchmarks linked to supporting articles. Conveniently organized by topic and grade level, these articles plus hundreds of printable and online curriculum-based learning activities are ideal for use in the classroom, media center, or computer lab.

Britannica Library

As the only online reference site created specifically for libraries, Britannica Library contains comprehensive content for all patrons – from elementary students to college students, from business professionals to curious seniors. Separate home pages for adults and children allow libraries to tailor the product to their patrons' needs, making it easy to use and age-appropriate for everyone. Britannica Library includes four complete encyclopedias as well as over 60,000 images and videos.

Britannica ImageQuest

An extensive database of over three million images, all age-appropriate and rights-cleared for educational use, from more than 62 of the best collections in the world including Encyclopedia Britannica, Dorling Kindersley, Getty, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and Oxford Scientific.

Annals of American History

Annals of American History is chronicle of our nation's history, providing a year-by-year documentary of American thought and action from 1493 through today, including illustrations, photographs, speeches, writings, and interviews from more than 1,500 authors.

Britannica Escolar

Britannica Escolar delivers a reference collection in Spanish for grades K8. Separate home pages—Primaria for elementary and Secundaria for middle school—allow schools and libraries to tailor the product to their users' needs. Engaging home pages at each level and entry points to thousands of articles, images, videos, maps, and tables, many of which are newly added daily.

Merriam-Webster Unabridged

This dictionary resource offers all 472,000 entries from the print version, many search options, more than 140,000 entomological entries, "Ask the Editor" videos, quizzes and games, Top 10 lists, and 1,000 color illustrations.

Britannica's Original Sources

A comprehensive compilation of more than 420,000 primary source documents, complete books, and authentic images, all searchable by subject, author, date, theme, etc. with a powerful and intuitive search engine.

Online Training Sessions

Subscribers have access to free online training sessions.


Contact your Britannica rep to set up a trial.

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Pricing is per FTE or enrolled student and can be found in the linked file.


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Britannica Digital Learning support is available at 1-800-621-3900 x7160 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM U.S. Central Time, Monday-Friday, via email at, or by completing the Britannica Technical Support Form.


You can access usage statistics here with a username and password that Britannica will issue your institutions once you begin a subscription. Assistance in creating usage reports is available.

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