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Authors must navigate a variety of distribution models when thinking about sharing their content. Does one choose a subscription-based or open access publication? The decision may also mean juggling institutional and grant-related requirements regarding venue and copyright. Choosing is daunting. In concert, librarians and publishers must grasp the implications of the services offered, from read and publish contracts to rights retention policies. By engaging community leaders working closely on these issues, this roundtable will delve into important topics at the intersection of accessibility, cost, and authorship to reveal important insights about the ever-changing scholarly communications environment.

Confirmed speakers include Kyle Courtney, Director of Copyright and Information Policy, Harvard University Library, Judy Ruttenberg, Senior Director, Scholarship and Policy, ARL (Association of Research Libraries) and David Weinreich, Director of Public Affairs of the Americas, STM and Principle, Weinreich Strategic Group.

Staff contact
Beth Staats

Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator