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This introduction to cataloging is designed for novices. Library workers who know the very basics about cataloging and want an update about the state of cataloging today. Perhaps, you learned about cataloging in library school, but haven’t kept up with more recent developments. Or you have been asked to learn copy cataloging at your library. Maybe your cataloger is retiring soon and your library wants to update processes and practices in the upcoming year. This webinar will briefly cover new developments in cataloging and metadata practice. Pointing you towards resources where you can learn more and begin implementing new practices. 

This webinar will:

  • Present a basic overview of cataloging in libraries
  • Discuss different cataloging standards and how to update your local practice 
  • Introduce critical cataloging and explain how it fits into local cataloging practice


For people who work in libraries and want to learn the basics of library cataloging. For library workers who are not closely following developments at OCLC, Library of Congress, Program for Cooperative Cataloging, or RDA.

Prerequisites: none 


Staff contact
Elissah Becknell

Cataloging and Metadata Education Librarian