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Join Sonia Krinke (Century College) and Chelsea Couillard-Smith (Hennepin County Library) for this conversation about eBooks in the Library. They will share their knowledge and experience with eBooks in library collections.

In this conversation, we will discuss helpful tools, strategies, and best practices that libraries use to acquire, manage, and share their eBook collections. Gain insights into how open access, open education, and free digital collections factor into decisions when selecting eBooks for our communities. Talk through some of the intricacies of eBook maintenance, like weeding and changing physical spaces. We will also explore the challenges and opportunities libraries face as they grow their electronic and digital collections. 

This conversation will use guided questions, live polls, and a JamBoard to engage the audience throughout the hour. Whether you are a seasoned librarian or an aspiring information professional, this conversation welcomes your participation. Bring your real-life case studies, share successful strategies, and lessons learned from past experiences.

More about Minitex Conversations:

Structured similar to an open office hour, Minitex Conversations are an opportunity for you to meet with Minitex staff on an informal basis to ask questions, learn more about a particular topic, and connect with others. 

Staff contact
Elissah Becknell

Cataloging and Metadata Education Librarian