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Minitex Conversations are an opportunity to meet with Minitex staff on an informal basis to ask questions, learn more about a particular topic, and connect with others. Are you curious about linked data, but not sure where to begin? Join us virtually to learn about the newly launched 23 Linked Data Things self-paced online learning program. The authors will give an overview of the program and much of the time will be open for questions. Whether you have already started or are just hearing about it now for the first time, we're eager to hear from you.

More About 23 Linked Data Things

23 Linked Data Things is a self-paced online learning program that provides a structure for investigating linked data projects and obtaining hands-on experience in creating linked data. It is designed for library staff who want to learn more about linked data principles and explore how linked data can transform the way we think about metadata. Based on the 23 Things educational project created by Helene Blowers in 2006, each "Thing" is a unit that is intended to take less than one hour to complete. A "Thing" might include readings, videos, and/or tools to explore, along with an activity designed to encourage critical thinking about lessons learned.

The logo for 23 Linked Data Things, written in a yellow, pink, and blue neon font.
Staff contact
Sara Ring

Continuing Education Librarian