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Please note: The attendance cap has been reached and registration is now closed. If you wish to be added to the waitlist, please email the instructor, Sara Ring. This series was developed for and sponsored by the Tri-College University Libraries

Series Description

Library data remains largely hidden from search engines and other services that people frequent on a daily basis, and the library linked data movement seeks to transform and integrate our rich, authoritative data into the web. For several years now, we have been moving towards this goal. From the many presentations, conferences, grant projects, and even new models developed, what progress has been made? What can we do now with our library data? How will linked data affect our current practice and future user experience? This two-part session will address the big picture, but also provide opportunities for staff to practice identifying and creating linked data.  

Part 2

February 2, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
In Part 2, we’ll begin by reviewing and delving more deeply into linked data principles discussed in Part 1. Time will also be spent looking at the Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME), a new model and vocabulary to represent and share our library data. We will look at what we can do now with our existing library data, such as adding identifiers (URIs) in our library catalog data and connecting our data to other datasets, such as Wikidata. There will be hands-on opportunities to gain a better understanding of the concepts discussed. 

Library staff who work with metadata (catalogers, metadata librarians) or are interested in seeing applicability and more examples.

Participants will gain an understanding of what we can do at the present moment with the more readily available tools that exist to create and work with linked data.  


Staff contact
Sara Ring

Continuing Education Librarian