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What can truth mean to younger generations who are constantly reminded to watch out for fake news, dis/mal/misinformation, click bait and propaganda? A generation that knows how engagement algorithms and influencers are working on them? It’s easy to come to the conclusion that everything on the internet is fake, but Media Nihilism is not good for individuals or our community. It’s important for different generations to dialogue--for older generations to remind younger generations about the nature of truth and that the information world we live in is not completely broken or uniquely complex. It is equally important for younger generations to teach older generations how to navigate this complex information infrastructure and deal with the information landscape realistically and with care. Join us for a discussion about Media Nihilism and strategies to support information seeking behavior in our complex information world. Strategies include a discussion framework to facilitate intergenerational discussion and an evaluation framework that informs information seeking behavior through social media.

Media Landscapes
Staff contact
Beth Staats

Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator