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Join us October 27, as Minitex will host a virtual 50th anniversary celebration, Cheers to 50 Years: Party Like It's 1971. The event will feature a presentation by Barbara Fister, a trivia contest, and cameos from other libraries around the region.

Keynote Description

Fifty/Fifty: Drawing on the Past to Envision the Future of Minitex
As we celebrate fifty years of cooperation and collaborative innovation, we'll look back at what Alice Wilcox, Minitex's first director, said about the early years. What made it work? What were the challenges? We'll see how the tensions between competing value systems played out in libraries over the past fifty years, and we'll look toward what the next fifty years might look like - depending on the choices we make.

Keynote Bio

Barbara Fister is an academic librarian who spent several decades at a small Minnesota liberal arts college where she coordinated our instruction program, worked on digital projects, and did a whole lot of other stuff, too, because being small means wearing many hats. She also spent a year as a scholar-in-residence with Project Information Literacy.

Her research interests include how students learn to do research, where publishing is going, what’s going on with algorithmic information systems, and how social issues are represented in crime fiction. She also occasionally writes crime fiction of her own (and reviews it, too).
Read more about Barbara on her website.

The Minitex 50th anniversary logo, "Minitex, Celebrating 50 Years," set in front of a fireworks in the night sky.