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  • Took place Dec 9, 2020

Some organizations and institutions in the information community have now begun planning for return to a form of face-to-face operations, requiring even more planning and adaptation on their part in order to safely bring their workforce back to an office setting. How can available spaces be re-allocated in order to accommodate social distancing? Where are plexiglass shields needed? How many workers could or should continue to work remotely and how many will only be in the office part-time? This discussion will focus on how we need to rethink the functional workspaces and shared environments of a variety of 21st century knowledge workers. If space is at a premium, how can we make the most effective use of what is available?

Confirmed participants in this Roundtable include Emily Daly, Head of Assessment & User Experience, Duke University; Tony Sanfilippo, Director, The Ohio State University Press; Maria Stanton, Director of Production, Atla; Alison Masterpasqua, Head of Access and User Services, Swarthmore College and Lorin Jackson, Black Studies/Resident Librarian and Interim Head of Access and User Services (beginning Jan. 2021), Swarthmore College. 

Staff contact
Beth Staats

Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator