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  • Took place Aug 26, 2020

Courses & Copyright in the time of COVID 
Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries
Wednesday, August 26, 1:00-2:30pm

Copyright often comes up in instructional contexts, from showing films in class, to sharing course readings on paper or electronically, to students' copyrights in the work they produce. A lot of these issues remain the same in online teaching, but some of them change or are more difficult to address in a purely-online or less-predictable teaching environment. 

This session will review some of the easy ways to share course materials that don't raise copyright issues or cost additional money, and also explore some of the options that may be more complicated or costly. We'll plan for a fairly interactive session (Zoom permitting), so there will be time for the audience to ask questions.


Courses & Copyright in the time of COVID