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Minitex Deposit Accounts

Minitex provides the option for libraries to maintain a deposit account that can be used for a variety of services. Using funds on account as a method of payment is fast, easy, and economical. Here's a sampling of how you can put those funds to work for you:

  • E-resource subscriptions
  • Library products (barcodes, tattletapes, security, and more)
  • Workshops, conferences, training
  • Lost or damaged materials

Contact Terry Beseman –, 800-462-5348, or 612-624-0322 – about establishing or replenishing your institution's Minitex deposit account.

Minitex Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are prepared by Minitex Administrative and Financial Services (AFS). These statements provide information on beginning balance, credits, deposits/invoices paid, expenses for the month, and the month-end balance. The monthly statements are sent out around the 7th day of the month following the month in which the charges are incurred.

A negative figure in the month-end "balance on account" line indicates a shortage of funds. Minitex AFS staff will monitor the account and generate an invoice, or the library may request to be invoiced for a specific amount.


TRAVWeb is a service provided by Minitex Administrative and Financial Services (AFS) which enables secure online access to your library's Minitex financial account. You can review account balances, open invoices and statements, monthly billing detail, and product, invoice, and payment history. It allows you to drill down and reprint invoices and statements as needed. You can even change your library's billing contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Library directors or financial staff members who would like access to TRAVWeb may contact Terry Beseman, Minitex AFS Director (612-624-0332, 800-462-5348,, to receive instructions on how to access the service.

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