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We receive so many fun thank-yous in materials we've sent out that we thought we'd share our appreciation back!

Thank you

Every day our Referral Processing staff encounter an extra slip of paper or two when sorting out the paperwork with each item. Sometimes it will be the odd receipt or a notecard with a grocery list on it, but many times it is a creative little note of appreciation from the borrowing library. Ranging from a simple thank you to a full "collector card"-styled series of fun photos (we see you College of St. Benedict and St. John's University!), each one puts a smile on our faces and adds some good humor to our day.

We've kept a few pinned around various locations of the workspace, from cubicles to walls and bulletin boards. One of our favorites is the mug of Tom Hanks with his name appropriately spelled out as "T. Hanks". Perhaps it is a nod to Big Bird toying with the actor at the 2019 Kennedy Center Honors where he asks the crowd if anyone has seen "Thanks". Well, we sure have, we've seen plenty of thanks from you and we appreciate every single one!

So keep the fun little notes, pictures and good humor coming along! We are thankful to serve such an awesome network of libraries across five states and we're more than happy making you happy!

Written by

Philip Sites
Resource Sharing Lead
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