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Need some motivation to stay active while you stay inside? Philip Sites and Jessica Manner take a look at the various resources available that will keep you moving.


As many around the nation are kicking off their fourth or fifth week of #StayHome sequestering, more than a few might be feeling quite a bit less active than their usual routines dictated. 

Some dropped fitness regimes entirely, shut out from their gyms or feeling unsure about what they can or can’t do safely in public spaces. Others may be missing a daily walk during their lunch breaks at work. Many are just overwhelmed with the “new normal” and taking care of a home-bound household. How many of you have stared out your windows and daydreamed about when we can get back to our usual lives? In this current climate, it is understandable that we may find ourselves yearning more and more for normalcy while having less motivation to move and feel active while we stay indoors. 

Of course, just because we are staying home, doesn’t mean outdoors is necessarily off limits. In Minnesota, most parks (and all state parks) are still open and green spaces should be taken advantage of as long as CDC guidelines are taken into account. Hiking trails can be a great respite for cabin fever and most of them are likely to be less trafficked than your typical sidewalk, making it easier to respect those 6-foot distances. You don’t need to travel far at all if you’d like to go for a jog - in fact, you could use the mapmyrun app to create your own route or view others in your area. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with a venture outdoors but are still up for a car ride, many regional libraries are currently offering curbside pickup of materials. Dakota County libraries even offer 2GO kits, which allow patrons to try various exercise routines in one handy package. Check and see if your local library offers curbside pickup, as most libraries carry a healthy selection of workout DVDs and other materials. 

YouTube offers plenty of free workout routines. Core Power Yoga, which runs over a dozen studios in the Twin Cities area, has moved all their courses onto the video platform. If you find those workouts to be too intense, you can try a more beginner-focused channel, like the popular Yoga with Adriene

So if you find yourself needing to scratch that itch to move, no need to fret. There are many “social distancing”-friendly options out there for you that will help you stay active.



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Philip Sites
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