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Minitex welcomes Sheva Rosenberg and Rue Dworak to Resource Sharing. 



Sheva is thrilled to be with Minitex and to continue working in a library setting. She worked at the University of Minnesota's Borchert Map Library from 2014 to 2017. Before that spent four years working in the research library at the Ramsey County Historical Society. Sheva completed her degree at the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Russian, German, and Jewish Studies. She is now working with us in Referral Processing and VDX typing. Sheva has lived in at least ten different cities in various parts of the world and currently lives in the nearby Seward neighborhood with her fiancé Lee. Sheva adores books, comics, cinema, maps, bicycles, and urban homesteading. She also has an identical twin sister!


Rue graduated from the University of Minnesota in August with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. They worked as a student in the Architecture library located at the University of Minnesota and now works in the retrieval of items from Biomedical and Wilson library campus locations as well as with verification of requests in FirstSearch and the University of Minnesota's library catalog. Rue enjoys talking about politics and philosophy but really enjoys lounging on the couch, especially on the weekends.

Written by

Raquel Franklin
Resource Sharing Manager
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