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Quick Summary

Did you know you should always report problems you see with MNLINK? Gathering user information is one important way we can improve the system.


It is important to report problems you may encounter with the new MNLINK because we're still working out some of the kinks and new issues always pop-up. End-user options for support provide additional important information about how the user is accessing MNLINK because they record the User-Agent (UA) string. The information we receive in the UA string is the platform device, operating system, and internet browser. Most modern internet helpdesk services will capture this information since it can provide vital clues to solving problems.

There are a couple of different avenues for reporting issues:

Access the standard MNLINK helpdesk from the primary search page at A helpdesk link is available in the section "Need Help?" This helpdesk is also accessible from the Library Links menu in the upper right corner of the screen on any of the search results pages. There is an additional option for the MNLINK helpdesk when the user is viewing their MNLINK account.

A separate option is to use the Send Feeback button at the bottom of MNLINK search results pages. This option doesn't feed into the MNLINK helpdesk but instead sends an email to Send Feedback will ask about Library Affiliation, where we'd prefer that anyone using this reporting option select "I am a patron, student, library user" since that will only send the email to MNLINK staff. The other affiliation option will also send a message to OCLC. MNLINK staff will respond to whichever affiliation option chosen.

Written by

Nick Banitt
Resource Sharing Manager
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