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from EBSCO:

The AP Images Collection platform will be discontinued, and all customers will be migrated to the new AP Newsroom platform on or after November 1, 2019.

Customers who currently access the collection on the old Associated Press platform will be moved to the new AP Newsroom platform. Customers who access the collection via EBSCOhost® will retain this access but will also be granted access to the new AP Newsroom platform.

Although the platform and product name are changing, subscribers will not lose any content. With AP Newsroom, users will gain a better user experience. They will be able to more easily search, preview and download multimedia content from the Associated Press — including 170 years of news stories, 30 million historical and contemporary images and an extensive collection of audio clips.

Subscribers do not need to take immediate action as links will automatically redirect to the new site. However, if you are linking directly to AP Images Collection from your library website (bypassing the Select Service Screen), we encourage you to update your URLs and any product buttons you may be using.

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Written by

Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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