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Join us as we go through the free, self-paced Media Landscapes: 23 Things curriculum this summer! You can start at the beginning, or hop on any time. This week, we are on Thing 4: The Attention Economy.

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"Your life is purchased by where you spend your attention.” - James Clear

According to the American Psychological Association, attention is “a state in which cognitive resources are focused on certain aspects of the environment rather than on others." What have you given your attention to today? By doing so, what have you ignored?

Like exchanging money for goods and services, we exchange our attention for information. Today's technology has made an overwhelming amount of information easily available, but each of us has only so much attention to spend. Every aspect of the world, including the media, is strategically battling to receive the largest share. This is what is known as the attention economy. Part of your job in being digitally literate is being able to make an informed choice about where you spend your limited and valuable attention.

This week, as we work through the Media Landscapes: 23 Things curriculum, let's explore the topic of attention in Thing 4 and consider how it can impact your own life as well as the lives of your patrons and students. 

Written by

Linda Mork
Reference Outreach & Instruction Librarian

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