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Quick Summary

A poem by Minneapolis artist Diver Van Avery commemorating Minitex's 50th anniversary for National Poetry Month.

A photograph if the the first spring blooms of a northern cherry tree.

to live together in such a way
that all resources are shared
to see all libraries as one library
to understand that the links need tending
the deliveries need coordinating
because the knowledge is ready for knowing
this is what we offer.

let us meet you where you are
show us your treasure
the records of time
you have compiled
the evidence and guidance
of culture
let us be the link
this is what we offer.

we hold the collective memory 
to make it yours, ours, revealed 
let all time that has already passed be known
and the years still to come
offered context 
truth honored 
this is what we offer. 

because it is work to build a collective field
to democratize the sacred act of learning
to support a culture of reading
we navigate the back roads
hold the source
so that when you need it
it can be yours 
so that you will be sourced
form your understandings
learn what you need
this is what we offer; 
the experience of what it feels like
to be finding and to be found

- Diver Van Avery

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications