Creating Connections in Digital Spaces: Teaching information literacy skills to online students


How can you connect in a meaningful way with online students? How can you apply the new information literacy framework inside of Learning Management Systems? Presenters from Metropolitan State University will share the ways that they've built information literacy concepts into online learning spaces for credit-bearing courses as well as within modular tutorials and activities that can be used as “virtual one-shot sessions.” Presenters will showcase assignments that encourage students to think of themselves as creators of digital content, and will discuss ways that they have utilized a variety of online tools such as video, interactive discussion boards, and social media sites to engage with online students.

Guest Presenters:
Jennifer DeJonghe is a Reference and Instruction Librarian and Professor at Metropolitan State University

Michelle Desilets is a Reference and Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor at Metropolitan State University

Jennifer and Michelle both teach credit-bearing information literacy courses in person and online, as well as conduct library “one shot” sessions for a variety of disciplines.