Video Postcards: Training at the Speed of Sight

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Faster than a workshop, more powerful than a handout and able to reduce email in a single bound, video is a compelling way to meet just-in-time training goals. Video “postcards” - brief video episodes - are a valuable training resource for busy audiences. A short segment of video is easily digested, can be repeated on demand, and stimulates both the visual and auditory centers of the brain, which increases learner retention of information. Participants in this practical session will be introduced to a low-cost, no-studio process for planning and producing videos for instructional and training purposes. This session will also include best practice tips, accessibility guidelines, information about media resources for education, and use case examples.

Presented by Lyn Delorme, a PSTL Instructional Designer at the University of Minnesota. She holds an M.S. in Instructional Design and a Ph.D. in Education. She has consulted on curriculum design, academic technology integration and media development for business, industry, K-12 and higher education across an array of fields from aviation to zoology.