What Happens When the Lights Go Out: Government Shutdown & Loss of Access to Government Information


For nearly three weeks in October 2013 the largest publisher of information in the world went dark leaving millions without access to basic e-government resources that citizens had come to rely on each day. With the current political atmosphere in Washington pointing to more information blackouts in the future how does a library prepare for these eventualities? In this session the presenters will provide information on how librarians dealt with the fall events, and how to plan for future ones. Interactive polls will allow for participants to share how they were affected by the government shutdown of October 2013. (This presentation was also given at the 2014 Minnesota Library Association Conference.)


Kirsten Clark, Regional Librarian for Minnesota, Michigan, and South Dakota & Director of Access and Information Services, University of Minnesota

Amy Springer, Librarian of Government Information, Psychology, and Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about the government shutdown of 2013, loss of access to government information, and how to prepare libraries for potential future shutdowns.