Using HathiTrust to Locate Government Information

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Join Minitex and the University of Minnesota Libraries Regional Depository Library in a unique webinar series that highlights the exciting government information available to you and your patrons for free. Learn to determine the best starting points for your government information searching and be informed, my friends, through these free webinars.

Mix together government publications, one elephant, a herd of users, and what do you get? The starting point for finding online historical government information! Many have heard of HathiTrust but not all have learned the best ways to search through the over 450,000 scanned government publications found within its database. Join these three depository librarian presenters (from HathiTrust partner libraries) to find out the best search strategies! See how libraries are using the content to meet the needs of their users! Learn how researchers are building information research capacities that go beyond just downloading the full text! Leave with a better understanding of HathiTrust's capabilities now and into the future! This presentation is a repeat of a presentation given at the Federal Depository Library Conference in May.

Kirsten Clark
Regional Depository Librarian & Interim Director of Access & Information Services
University of Minnesota

Amy Springer
Librarian for Government Information, Psychology, and Institute of Child Development
University of Minnesota

Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian
University of Michigan