Turning Points in History: Fitting Government Information into History Day Projects


Government Information: the Most Interesting Information in the World

Join Minitex and the University of Minnesota Libraries Regional Depository Library in a unique webinar series that highlights the exciting government information available to you and your patrons for free. Learn to determine the best starting points for your government information searching and be informed, my friends, through these free webinars.

The 2013 History Day theme, Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events, provides for a huge number of topics centering around state, national, and international history. And with many of those topics, the United States federal government was part of the decisive moment that caused change, and the documents created from those changes provide a plethora of primary source documentation to be used in developing History Day topics. Add in primary documents from foreign countries and international organizations and the world of turning points is wide open. This session, led by Kirsten Clark, Government Information Librarian at the University of Minnesota Libraries, will provide freely available resources as well as discuss unique government publications that are available at the University Libraries for all to use.