Linked Data: What it is, What it does, and the Future of Information Discovery


"Linked Data" is one of today's hot topics. But do you know what is meant by the term, how linked data is generated, and what potential it holds for improving information discovery?

Minitex will host a group viewing of this NFAIS 90 minute webinar that will provide an overview of how linked data can be used to the benefit of the entire information community - content providers, librarians, and users. Some of the topics to be covered are what is meant by "linked data;" how it is a step forward from previous mechanisms used to expose information on the web; if and how it is being used by the scholarly/research community in a fruitful way; how it fuels the semantic web predicted for the future; and why, with the increasing power of technologies that can make sense of unstructured data, linked standards are necessary.

If you or your staff want to get a quick introduction to linked data and how its use can enhance a publisher's information products and services as well as increase the value and utility of a library's holdings, register for the NFAIS webinar today.

Bradley Allen, Vice President, Elsevier Labs, will provide the perspective of a content provider and Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist, OCLC, will provide the viewpoint of the library community.

For more information about NFAIS (National Federation of Advanced Information Services), visit their website: