ELM: The Big Picture (Part 2 Only)

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ELM: The Big Picture four-part series

PART 2: All About Gale/Cengage Learning (2 hours)
This two-hour webinar will take a close look at several of the Gale/Cengage Learning databases in the ELM collection. This will be done in two parts:

1) A grouping of databases operating with the PowerSearch interface;
a. Educator’s Reference Complete
b. General Science Collection
c. Informe

2) A collection of K-12 databases operating with interfaces intentionally designed for students.
a. Student Resources in Context
b. Kids InfoBits

This session will have some interactivity. Please expect to participate. Each registrant will be given a copy of any accompanying materials including some light practice work to consider in preparation for the session.

Attention will be given to highlighting searching tips & techniques, special features, suggested applications, and any interface updates. Bring your questions! There will be ample time for Q&A throughout the webinar. This webinar will have a 5-7 minute break.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in gaining a broad understanding of the Gale/Cengage Learning resources in ELM.