Digital Imaging Guidelines in Practice: Modeling a Scanning Workflow


This workshop will be a combination of lecture, demonstration and guided hands-on activities. The lecture portion will include when to outsource scanning and when to do in-house scanning; scanning techniques; choosing file resolution and formats; and file management best practices. There will be a short discussion of archival preservation standards and practice.

The hands-on section of the workshop will consist of scanning and image processing using Adobe Photoshop, with the focus on developing a workflow for batches of images. The process will move from scanning through editing to file management, using common Photoshop strategies such as Levels, Layers and Actions to assist with file management.

NOTE: This is NOT an Adobe Photoshop training class; rather it will use Photoshop to model an effective workflow. Participants should have some knowledge of Photoshop software or other image processing software. Levels, Layers and Actions are more advanced features of Photoshop.

NOTE: Attendees will be using Macintosh computers (not PC) for all of the hands-on exercises.


Some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop software or other image processing software.