What Is Copy Cataloging and How Do I Do It?

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You need to find a MARC record for an item your library just purchased and load it into your catalog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it… This full-day, in-person course will get you started!

We will cover:
- Identifying the best way to search for the item
- Choosing the best MARC record
- Making sure the record actually matches your item
- Deciding whether you need to correct, add or delete any bibliographic information
- Checking the accuracy of the absolutely essential MARC tags, fields and/or subfields
- Adding and editing call numbers

While we won’t actually be working online, we’ll have lots of exercises and examples to help us apply what we’re learning.

Who Should Attend?

Staff, student workers or volunteers in cataloging, acquisitions or other parts of the library that need to find and evaluate MARC records to add to a library catalog.