MOTSE: Authority Control

Currently Offered Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled.


This MOTSE session offers a full day of intermediate level presentation, discussion, and practice in authority control.

Topics covered include:
• Multiple goals of authority control
• Rules governing authority control practice
• MARC21 authority record format
• Rules and conventions of name, subject, series, and work authority control
• System implementation
• Current issues in authority control

The session will provide participants with a thorough overview of the principles and techniques of library authority control. Ideally participants should be familiar with the content of the MOTSE Access session, which focuses specifically on selecting bibliographic entry terms and formulating headings for access. The MOTSE Authority Control session focuses on how headings and references are implemented using automated authority control systems, not on AACR2 rules for constructing headings.

Who Should Attend?

The Apr. 24 instance of this course is open only to MN librarians since it is supported by LSTA Grant funds through the MN State Library Services Agency.


The MOTSE Access session, or experience selecting bibliographic entry terms and formulating headings.